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  • Bg'S Srl

  • Indirizzo Via Cilea, 30 , 60022 Castelfidardo
  • Tel. 071 7820227
  • Referente Baldassari Mauro

Located in Castelfidardo (AN) in center Italy, the town made famous by the inventor of the accordions and ideal center of all the industry business of music of Italy, Bg’s Musical Instruments is a new reality in the musical business. It’s new because people behind this project have new ideas but the Bg’s Musical Instruments have more than 40 years of History. The Bg’s Srl society was created in 2003 by Mr Mauro Baldassari and Mrs Maria Grazia Gioielli, the daughter of Mr Alfredo Gioielli, the "father" of the Italian Electromagnetic organ, PARI. The big experience of Mr Alfredo, producer of organs from 1966 to 1982, from A&O organs and Pari to Milton and the big passion of the next generation for the sound of the electromagnetic organ is the first step made in this world in 2003. The idea of re-make an organ with genuine electromagnetic tonewheel generator was in our heart from many years and finally, in 2003 we were able to do it: this is the birth of the new K-61 electromagnetic organ together with our Rotary speakers cabinets. Five years after that moment, now the new Bg’s Musical instruments has found its way and position in the musical market with the growing collaboration of friends and workers, people with great passion for music: yes, the first important thing is our passion! We are trying to rediscover what’s behind an instrument, the most important: the sound. In the world of today, what seems obvious, many times isn’t: when we think about musical instruments, we are not think about a normal product, we always refer to it with the knowledge that our product are made for making arts, so the core of music art is the sound. Instruments for making arts, instruments for musician not for th market, that’s the difference! That’s why we acquired the CRUMAR brand, an historical Italian brand, famous for making good keyboard instruments, good most of all for sound. With our growing range of product we would like to keep the music in your hand: Hamichord, Pari.e, Rotary, GSI, Crumar, instruments for musicians, instruments for making music...for REAL!

It’s time for rediscovering sound!